High Design

Tetra is an online retail platform dedicated to elevating the aesthetics of the smoking experience.

We specialize in designer smoking objects like pipes, ashtrays, and lighters — most of them custom-made exclusively for Tetra in limited editions — as well as unique home fragrances, rare vintage finds, and other accoutrements.

During the mid-century period, design luminaries such as Dieter Rams, Marianne Brandt, and Enzo Mari created iconic smoking accessories for the home. Tetra seeks to revive that tradition of beautiful and useful objects in a contemporary way, celebrating the new rituals of smoking through a lens of great design.

Tetra views smoking as an opportunity to sit down, relax, and be present — an antidote to the harried, tech-obsessed pace of modern life. We invite you to breathe deeply, disconnect, and enjoy the pleasure of company and conversation.


Tetra's founders are Monica Khemsurov and Eviana Hartman. Graphic identity and website by Studio AH—HA.