Inspiration: Vintage Table Lighters

Tue Apr 26, 2016

Here at Tetra, we believe that lighters belong proudly displayed on your coffee table and not furtively stashed in your pocket — which is why we stock an array of exclusive, design-forward fire-starters, from Tribe of the Eastern Sun's how-cool-is-this plasma version to Andrew O. Hughes's color-shifting glass tetrahedron lighter and ashtray set.

Much of what inspired us to seek out the best and brightest of the category is the rich, oft-overlooked tradition of tabletop lighter design. From elegant metal versions by Braun and Hermès to rainbow Murano glass to a few far-out one-offs, here, a roundup of the best vintage lighters we've seen.

Included are Braun designs by Dieter Rams (red) and Reinhold Weiss (gold) and versions by Hermès (rectangular) and S.T. Dupont (cylindrical).


Thu May 05, 2016

Studio Visit: Dana Bechert