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Unique Glass Pipes That Don't Sacrifice Style

Glass pipes are an essential smoking accessory, but for a long time, your choices were limited to the headshop look, making it a challenge to find a well designed pipe to suit your style. Since 2015, Tetra has offered an elevated alternative to swirled or color-changing pipes that all look the same — modern, minimalist, and unique glass pipes that are right at home on a sophisticated coffee table. These glass bowls and pipes make aesthetic statements while acting as highly functional delivery systems for your smokable substances. Here are six glass pipes that double as high-end design pieces.

Laundry Day Glass Tanjun Pipe

The geometric design of the Glass Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day ($48) will step up your smoking style. Tanjun means "simplicity" in Japanese, and the unusual staircase design of this pipe is accordingly elemental. Made from borosilicate glass in clear, pink, or green, the 3-inch Tanjun pipe pulls triple duty as a decorative object and an incense holder. Says Nylon magazine, "Not only are they made with beautifully colored glass, but their shapes are unique and special." Every Tanjun pipe is made by hand in Vancouver, BC.

Tetra Elbow Pipe

The unconventional shape of the Tetra Elbow Pipe ($70) makes it a conversation piece as well as a decorative accessory. Designed by Ninon Choplin of Neenineen, this tubular pipe is larger than most yet fits nicely into one hand. In profile, the Elbow masquerades as a standard pipe shape, but viewed from above, this design has an upturned bowl on one side and a mouthpiece on the other. Upscale and playful at once, it lets you watch as smoke billows around its curves.

Tetra Balance Pipe

The Balance Pipe ($65), designed by Jamie Wolfond for Tetra, flawlessly combines form and function. The flat-bottomed design solves a few common pipe problems: The Balance Pipe sits flush with your table, rather than rolling around, and the borosilicate glass doesn't conduct heat, so you get a cooler, smoother smoke. POPSUGAR calls it the pipe "every grown-up smoker should own." The Balance Pipe comes in four colors: green, blue, black, and pink.

Laundry Day Hudson Pipe

The stunning Hudson Pipe by Laundry Day ($65) resembles a waterworn rock or an understated vase, and it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Available in clear, lilac, teal, or black, this hand-blown glass pipe offers a wide, flat design that allows the smoke to swirl and cool before hitting your lips. Leave the Hudson Pipe on your table for a chic accent piece when it's not in use.

Tetra Duo Pipe

As the name suggests, the Tetra Duo Pipe ($50) comes in two-toned glass and offers the perfect single- or double-smoke pipe experience. This slim, portable accessory — designed by Yield — is slightly bigger than a standard one-hitter and a million times more beautiful. Plus, the borosilicate glass means the Duo doesn't get as hot as other glass or metal pipes. Endorsed by Coveteur as a chic smoking accessory that doubles as home décor, the Duo pipe comes in two color options: black and teal or pink and teal.

Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe

A creative twist on a traditional shape, the Charlotte Pipe by Laundry Day ($45) makes for perfect on-the-go smoking. The wide glass stem offers a ring-shaped central chamber that makes every puff graceful to watch. Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass, the Charlotte Pipe delivers a '70s vibe in shades of amber, smoke, or teal.