The Vape Stand of Your Dreams — for a Better Morning Routine

Tue Mar 08, 2022

Looking for the world’s most stylish vape stand? Tetra’s Valet stand was created by New York designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen to provide a premium storage solution that you’ll want to keep in arm’s reach. Beginning with our Valet stand, get your day started with a selection of beautiful nightstand accessories that will help inspire a better morning routine. Explore the list below for our favorite bedside accoutrements.

Our Top Nightstand Picks

Best Vape Stand: The Valet by Tetra ($88)

TL;DR: The most stylish and functional vape stand on the market.

The Valet was created by New York designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen to keep vapes upright, at an ideal angle, and its wavy shape keeps them from rolling off. The polished steel plate fits into the clear acrylic base, creating a clean, slim profile with a small footprint — all the better for a tidy tabletop.

Why we love it: Are we the only ones that have a different vape for different moods? Keep your energizing, relaxing, and creative strains all in one place so you can reach for what you want, when you want it.


Best Glasses Storage: Eyewear Stand by Craighill ($58)

TL;DR: Stop asking “have you seen my glasses?” with this streamlined, weighted brass stand.

All of Craighill’s handsome products are designed by boiling a product concept down to its essence so the object’s simple beauty can shine. In the case of this Eyewear Stand, the attention is turned to your glasses – just rest them in the divot at the top of the heavy brass form for a display worthy of the original 1915 Moscot optical shop in NYC.

Why we love it: The design mimics the bridge of a nose, but in a minimal way - it’s clever but not annoyingly whimsical.

Best Coffee Carafe: Thermo Jug by Erik Magnussen ($85)

TL;DR: A unique design for hot coffee at-the-ready.

Honestly, we didn’t know what we were missing until we started keeping a carafe of coffee on our bedside table. Not only does having one extend the drinkability time at an ideal temperature, but it extends our staying-in-bed time but in an I’m-getting-things-done kind of way. This Thermo Jug is perfect for your nightstand because it’s tall instead of wide, taking up less space. And it’s a one-handed dream to pour thanks to a magnetized, weighted stopper that opens when the vessel is tilted and closes itself when upright again. Not a coffee drinker? It's ideal for English breakfast, too.

Why we love it: The Nordic Blue color shown here, exclusive to Food52, is a calming and friendly contrast to the jug’s austere form.

Best Meditation Tool: BEL by 3rd Ritual ($175)

TL;DR: Timer-meets-candle for meditation, unplugged.

3rd Ritual's BEL is a cast-brass candle holder accompanied by three brass ‘pins.' Push the brass pins into the candle to mark the meditation time you want, then light. When your meditation time is up, the candle will have melted down to the first pin, which drops to the base with a gorgeous ringing sound. 

Why we love it: The sound! You’ll appreciate how the peaceful chime of the time-marker hitting the base of the BEL transitions you back into your day.

Best Journal: True Black Notebook by Kunisawa ($20)

TL;DR: Minimalist on the outside, ready for anything on the inside.

There’s a lot to shop at Hot Cool Tokyo, which sources hard-to-find items from Japan and offers delivery within the US. This notebook features a jet-black hardcover plus black edge gilding, which is more commonly seen in gold. At just around 6 x 4 inches, it’s a perfect bedside size. Instead of plain, lined, or bulleted, the notebook is gridded, which is a favorite of ours because of its flexibility. We think the grid rules it all – use it for bullet journaling, to-do lists, project management and goal tracking, journaling and morning pages, doodling and drafting.

Why we love it: Simple, handy, and versatile.

Best Pen: Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen ($80)

TL;DR: A nouveau-classic pen from Germany that you’ll have to keep your partner from "borrowing."

Goods for the Study, NYC’s finest stationery store, turned us on to this line of fountain pens from Kaweco. We keep a pen from the plastic “Classic Sport” line in our pocket at all times for on-the-go writing, but for writing at home we recommend the metal “AL Sport” line. At 21 grams, it’s still light enough for extended writing, but is almost twice the weight, giving it a more substantial, satisfying feel. There’s a number of line weights to choose from (aka nib size), but we’re partial to Medium for a round, bold line. All of the Kawecos have affordable disposable ink cartridges in a nice range of colors.

Why we love it: The pen is super compact when closed, but extends to a comfortable length for writing by opening and placing the cap on its end.

Remember, for a better morning routine:

  • Get in the mood with a selection of your fave vapes
  • Keep your glasses handy for a stress-free transition out of dreamland
  • Keep your coffee or tea steaming-hot and ready to pour
  • Grab a pen and unload your brain
  • Once your head is clear, take a moment to meditate

As we all continue to adapt to a constantly changing world, we're rewarded by investing in a comfortable, supportive home environment and by making time for better mental health habits. Results from an international study conducted by Ikea in 2021 demonstrates the importance of a morning routine and other home habits to our overall well being. Why not start with your nightstand?

Just like your WFH desk or your kitchen counter, keeping your nightstand organized goes a long way towards a smooth day ahead. With a little planning, you can not only have a clutter-free bedside table but a nightstand that motivates and inspires.

All it takes is a few minutes before bed to clear your nightstand of anything that accumulated during your day. Return things like paperwork, earrings, guitar pics, business cards, and keys to their home. Once you’ve cleared the decks you can focus on the things that help get your day started off on the right foot – even before getting dressed.