Tetra's Guide to Staying Home — And Staying Inspired

As tempting as it is to want to live a normal life this week, in the long run it could put our friends and family at risk. So we're doing our part by working from home and only leaving to get groceries or take walks. Need a little extra motivation to stay in? We're here to help! Tetra's aim has always been to make beautiful products that help you feel calm, creative, and connected — even when you're solo.

Shop our site to gear up for the coming weeks, then check out our five tips below for finding inspiration indoors.


One of the upsides of the current crisis has been learning just how much culture is available at our fingertips.

The temporarily shuttered Metropolitan Opera in New York is streaming free performances every night, a new Cooper-Hewitt museum show about the groundbreaking streetwear designer Willi Smith is accessible online, and Travel and Leisure just published a list of 12 museums that are offering virtual tours and exhibits on Google Arts & Culture. We'll be over here learning shit.


Most people will be spending their nights in binge-watching TV shows — our latest addiction: Ragnarok — but making things with your hands is a great way to slow down and stay centered. Order supplies online, light up your Balance Pipe, and fashion yourself:

—A Metamorphic Rock bookend by Chen Chen and Kai Williams

—A Hanging Sculpey mobile by Fort Makers

—An '80s planter made with $1 tiles

—A faux-concrete tissue box

—A Matisse cut-out "egg"


Missing the relaxing vibes of hanging with friends? We're planning to organize "virtual salons" with ours — group video chats where we can catch up and chill out together, even if we can't be together.


One thing we're actually looking forward to is hunkering down with our groceries and adding some new recipes to our repertoire. First up we're going to check out the just-released cookbook from Dimes, one of our favorite New York restaurants. There's also Alison Roman's new Nothing Fancy; it's focused on entertaining friends, but right now we're all about making huge portions for ourselves and freezing them.


If you've got extra time in the coming weeks and aren't sure what to do with it, consider using it to help others. Idealist.org has over 500 listings for "virtual volunteers" posted here, and you can view other ideas for organizations you can help in your pajamas herehere, and here.

Main image by Charlie Schuck

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