The World's Most Beautiful Glass Pipe, Launching Today at Opening Ceremony

Tue Aug 02, 2016

Smoking connoisseurs know that nothing is better than glass. Design connoisseurs who smoke know that nothing, traditionally, is less easy on the eyes. And so when we at Tetra noticed a distinct lack of glass pipes you'd be proud to display at home, we knew there was only one solution: We'd make our own. To help design it, we turned to Jamie Wolfond, founder of the Brooklyn design brand Good Thing.

The result is named the Balance Pipe for a number of reasons. The asymmetrical silhouette with its slender stem — which makes the carb an integral element, rather than an afterthought — balances perfectly on a tabletop. And the size, proportions, and weight have been meticulously calibrated to maximize the pleasure of holding it in your hand. The lightweight, lab-quality borosilicate glass does not conduct heat, resulting in a cooler, smoother smoke.

To debut the pipe, we teamed up with Opening Ceremony — always the first with what's new and innovative. OC will sell it in its New York and Los Angeles stores, marking the first time the fashion retailer has offered a smoking pipe. (And, we think, a sure sign that the ritual is a lot more stylish, and socially acceptable, than it used to be.) The Balance Pipe is also available to purchase online at

At $65, it's an essential addition to any smoker's repertoire, and an elegant presence on your coffee table, desk, or shelf. 

Photos by Gaea Woods