Meet the Maker: S. Jordan Fine of Pattern Play Glass

Wed Jul 07, 2021

If you check out her Instagram, you'lI understand right away why the Cleveland, Ohio-based glassblower S. Jordan Fine called her burgeoning housewares brand Pattern Play: Not only does Fine often adorn herself in an effortlessly cool melange of competing brightly colored motifs, but her work itself revolves around the skillful deployment of a rainbow of patterns, too. The way she combines multi-hued blobs and splatters in her hand-blown cups and vases makes them so popular that often they sell out on Instagram within minutes, and the same goes for the pipes that she's been releasing with increasing frequency — which is why it's such a treat that she made an edition of her pipes ($85) exclusively for Tetra, in a colorway she calls "Pastel Paradise."

Scroll down to read an interview with Fine and see photos of her at work, then...


When did you know you wanted to do something creative, and how did you get started in your current practice?

I've always had creative pursuits and never imagined a future without them. In high school I always took extra art classes which led me to visit Italy on a spring break trip where I saw glassblowing done for the first time.

How would you summarize your approach to your work and your materials?
My entire studio practice is centered around color and playing. Glass is a very forgiving and very difficult medium, I like to go with the flow of each new product I'm making to make sure I'm not making anything more difficult than I need to while also making sure I'm not compromising the aesthetics.

What’s the hardest thing about working with your hands, and what’s the most gratifying?
The hardest part is the dependence on one part of your body to always function properly in order to keep making, the most gratifying is having a physical object at the end to show for it.

Did you ever have an epic fail, and what did you learn from it?
I've had many along the way but I'm constantly learning to adapt and adjust.

What’s been inspiring you lately?
Nature!! I've always been incredibly inspired by spending time in greenhouses, at the beach and walking around collecting wildflowers.

What’s a typical day like in your studio?
Very busy! and hot! It takes about an hour for everything to get to temperature once I've arrived so I do some prep, meditation and planning for the day/days ahead.

What’s your studio like itself? And what are your favorite objects in the studio?
My studio is a co-op that I work at with a bunch of other wonderful people in an old factory building. My favorite objects are the pieces of art I have from my friends around the space and some sculptural parade pieces we have hiding throughout.

What’s your smoking ritual?
I'm a daily smoker, I vaporize and use tinctures during the day and use glass pipes I've made or gotten from other makers when I get home for the evening.

Tell us what you love about the piece you’ve made for Tetra.
I love the colors and the shape! These are some of my favorite functional pieces I've made yet!