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Under the Influence: Other Kingdom


Avantika Agarwal, Jess Fügler, and Tino Seubert of Other Kingdom first bonded as design students at London's Royal College of Art in 2014 over what Fügler calls "a passion for designing within the production process"—a principle which became the basis for the brand they launched after graduation. In other words, rather than starting from the proverbial drawing board, the trio study what goes on at factories, then work backwards to design around those techniques. Case in point: their ultra-useful, perfect-for-rolling Hammertone trays in the shop, which are produced at a factory in India that normally makes medical equipment, and finished at a facility that specializes in film projectors. (Pictured above is one of their production teams.) "We like to think we are offering both places a unique point of view to their craft," Fügler says.

Another thing that motivates the trio? Their long-distance relationship. After completing their studies, Agarwal and Fügler returned to their native India and U.S., respectively, while the German-born Seubert remained in London. This unconventional arrangement means that the partners spend a great deal of time sending each other images for inspiration. Here, Fügler describes what have lately been a few of their favorite things.


The Book of Palms (Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, Taschen)

"This exquisite folio consists of detailed and beautiful botanical drawings of palm leaves based on Martius’s expedition to Brazil and Peru in 1817."


The paintings of Fred Fowler

"I am dying to have one his works in my home. I love the process of layering mixed with storytelling, and his use of color."


Vibrant seafoam green

"This color—as seen in this version of Isamu Noguchi's 'Cloud Form' sofa—is incredible and the perfect counterpart to follow the soft blush hues that have been so popular in design."


1930s Italian Architecture

"We love the repetition, the perfect geometry, and the visual patterns." (Pictured: Palazzo della Civiltá Italiana by Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Lapadula, and Mario Romano, Rome.)


Germans Ermics, designer

"We have a total design crush on his gradient glass works. So delicate and dreamy!"