Meet Tetra's Family of Modern Lighters

Here at Tetra, we believe that every step of your day should look and feel inspiring. We believe that lighters, too, should be more interesting than your basic Bic. So we've scoured the globe for the best, from the most elegant classics to the craziest new technology—but always with an eye toward sleek, modern design.

Here, meet Tetra's family of lighters, from our bestselling, super-discreet, USB-powered Slide Lighter to the space-age Arc to the classic Tsubota Queue.

Tetra Slide Lighter

Our best-selling fire-starter. Smaller than a 5-pack of gum, this sleek, take-anywhere lighter slides open to reveal a hot coil just like the one in your car, and charges with a USB cable. $20 in the shop.

Tetra Arc Lighter

Flip open the top, press, and zap! A sci-fi purple beam will ignite any candle wick or incense stick that crosses its path. The USB cable charges it for up to 50 uses. $25 in the shop.

Tetra Ombré Arc Lighter

A groovy, gradient-finish version of the popular USB-powered Arc Lighter, with a hint of metallic texture. $25 in the shop.

Tsubota Pearl Queue Stick Lighter

A glossy rectangle so good-looking, you'll want to leave it sitting out. (Fill it yourself with fuel.) $30 in the shop.


Tsubota Pearl Sigaretta Stick Lighter

A slim, elegant fuel lighter that slides perfectly into your pocket. $30 in the shop.

Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Lighter

Simple, classic, perfect. The storied Japanese brand's staple style ($30) comes in a variety of shades, from neutrals to rich colors.

Tsubota Pearl Latitudes Lighter

A luxe version of the classic Hard Edge, with a ribbed, clear casing. $40 in the shop

Tsubota Pearl Grey Tortoise Lighter

While the beloved Tortoise is on hold (they are hand-crafted and require special skill!) consider this cool greyscale version. $40 in the shop.


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