A Dub-Tastic Playlist from Soothsayer's Anna Korte

Mon Nov 07, 2016

Portland-based jewelry designer Anna Korte of AK Studio first made her ingenious tamper pendant necklace for rolled smokes at the request of a friend. It was such a hit that she decided to start an entire collection of smoking accessories, under the name Soothsayer—two of which (the cylindrical necklace and a keychain) are now available in the shop.

As Korte sees it, a smoke break is an almost sacred ritual—and her accessories are instrumental in creating this. "It’s like another dimension is tapped into because a ceremonial quality is present, and I get inspired by how this experience feels," she says, "For me, it’s wonderfully fun, earthy and very visionary. It helps me connect with my gratitude and imagination. Also, I have a growing appreciation for the power of intention the more I apply it, and I think any kind of ritual makes what you’re intending stronger and more realized."

Another essential element to give the process power: good music. With this in mind, Korte created a dub- and reggae-based Spotify playlist for Tetra readers. In these tension-filled times, it's an uplifting, relaxing soundtrack for your next smoke session. Click here to listen.