Playlist: Beyond Bowie's Greatest Hits

Thu Jan 14, 2016

We at Tetra, like most people we know, have been listening to little else besides David Bowie since news broke of the icon's passing earlier this week. One silver lining to the occasion is that it has provided an opportunity for the world to rediscover the forgotten joys within his vast body of work.

Though we'll always love dive-bar standbys like "Suffragette City" and "Space Oddity," we've also lately thrilled to many other songs we'd forgotten about. And so for this week's playlist, we've assembled an (admittedly highly subjective) smattering of Bowie's less-often-played, but still stellar, tracks from the '70s. (And, ok, we're throwing in a few songs that could still be considered classics, just because.)

Light up, listen, and dance.

Pictured: Bowie's mug shot from his 1976 arrest for possession of what we'll call illegal smoking materials. 


Tue Jan 19, 2016

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