Introducing: Van der Pop Rolling Papers

Fri Jan 08, 2016

Here at Tetra, we believe that no detail of the smoking process is too small to warrant an upgrade. Case in point: rolling papers. They may be available at any gas station or corner store, but their packaging, while not without a certain vintage appeal, doesn't exactly deserve okay-to-leave-out-on-the-coffee-table status. As for the papers themselves, well, they probably aren't processed with ingredients you want to inhale.

The design team behind Van der Pop, a new Seattle-based brand of smoking accessories, has solved both problems with its new line of rolling papers. The packaging sports clean, graphic stripes, while the fine papers themselves are made from unbleached, chemical-free hemp pulp for a cleaner smoke. 

The 32-paper packs, sold here in sets of 3, are $24—and highly last-minute-gift-able.