2015 Gift Guides: A Moment with Ben Jones

Thu Dec 17, 2015

Ben Jones is one of Tetra's most creative — and prolific — friends and neighbors. The L.A.-based multi-hyphenate founded the art collective Paper Rad before turning his talents to animation; among many other shows, he created (and lends voiceover work to) the Cartoon Network series The Problem Solverz and creative-directs the Animation Domination High-Def family of Fox shows. His fine art work has been exhibited worldwide and was the subject of a solo show at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in 2012. In the pipeline are three books, two movies, eight TV shows — "and then maybe I'll go back to washing dishes," he says. "I think we might design and build a house, so that will serve as my next art show."

Jones has an aesthetic like no other, which is why we asked him to be the latest in a series of curators for Tetra's 2015 holiday gift guides — click here to shop his picks. To mark the occasion, we visited Jones at home in L.A. with up-and-coming photographer Gaea Woods, to capture his smoking ritual and hear the Renaissance man's thoughts on inspiration — and inhalation.

What are your go-to artistic references? Kubrick, Sol LeWitt, and anything form Japan or the UK from 1966-1999.

What's inspiring you lately? Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman's new movie.

What have you been listening to? Howard Stern.

What do you like about living in L.A.? I really like cars and driving, so taking meetings in Culver City, then driving home to Silverlake is really fun. Like I said, I like listening to Howard Stern, which is the perfect thing to do while driving, so basically I'm experiencing a constant state of utter bliss for the majority of my time.

What are your plans for the holidays? Cats, family, and sweatpants.

What's your smoking ritual? Led Zeppelin, headphones, PAX.