Q and A: The Haas Brothers

Fri Nov 06, 2015

Simon and Nikolai Haas's work toes the line between design and fine art. The fraternal twins studied stone carving and construction with their father in Texas before moving to Los Angeles, where they create surrealist, erotically charged functional objects—and undertake Wonka-like material experiments—in their West Adams studio. Tetra caught up with the rising talents to chat music, art, and smoking.

What are you listening to lately?
Niki: My buddy Cameron Avery is coming out with an incredible record. He's given it to me pre- release. Awesome stuff.
Simon: Total Freedom's remix of "Wait for a Minute" By Tyga and Bieber. On repeat.
What are you reading?
Niki: Embarrassing, but I haven't read a book in six years. I read emails, I guess.
Simon: I'm reading a book that my friend Tierney gave me called Luminarium by Alex Shakar.
Vases, 2015.

What's your look this fall?
Niki: An Elder Statesman sweater with vintage Levi's and dirty white Vans. My friends have been joking that it's my uniform. Basically, I stole Greg Chait's style.
Simon: Whatever my fiancé styles me in.
Where do you find your inspiration lately? 
Niki: Honestly, I'm inspired by my friends and my family. Everyone around me is doing super-cool shit. I can't believe the art community in L.A. has become such a force. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.
Simon: I love Johnny Smith's Instagram feed and I've been watching the Kardashians in reverse order obsessively. I have a weird fixation on Kris Jenner.

What's your smoking ritual?
Niki: My favorite place to smoke is on top of a big rock in Joshua Tree. And I prefer rolling. I like the look and the ritual. Sometimes I keep my rollies in a little jar with nutmeg in it—it makes them taste extra good.
Simon: I don't anymore, but when I smoked, I would do bead work while I watched the Kardashians.
A dining set, 2015.