Inspiration: Ikebana and Ceramics

Wed Jun 08, 2016

We at Tetra believe in the power of plants—not only as the focus of healing rituals, but also as visual inspiration. Flowers are a form of natural sculpture—particularly in Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging. With an emphasis on line and form—and a spiritual aspect dating back thousands of years, to when Zen Buddhist priests and Samurais would arrange flowers and branches as a meditative exercise—Ikebana goes hand in hand with object design, and some of our favorite smoking accessories are influenced by Ikebana vessels' shapes and materials.

Here, a few of our favorite Ikebana (and Ikebana-inspired) arrangements.

Top: Vase by Natalie Weinberger. Below: BZippy; Ben Medansky; Vessel by Cecile Daladier; arrangements (2) by Metaflora NYC; Keith Stanley.